Filing a Divorce Application?

Our divorce lawyers can take care of the paperwork.

The dissolution of a marriage can be an emotionally trying time. Thankfully, the legal process for filing a divorce application is very simple (separate from property settlement and custody arrangements).

And since 1977, Rose Lawyers have helped countless people in Melbourne find closure – whether that’s through basic advice on the divorce application process, or by preparing and lodging the paperwork itself.

If you and your spouse agree to divorce, and you meet the basic preconditions (separated for twelve months, with no chance of reconciliation), you may apply for divorce without engaging a lawyer. Do-it-yourself-kits are available from the Family Law Courts, and we regularly advise clients to take this option.

However, many people prefer the comfort and ease of having a legal professional handle the paperwork. And with 35+ years’ experience as divorce lawyers, Rose Lawyers have the expertise to ensure everything goes smoothly.

That leaves you free to get on with planning your future. 

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Do I need a lawyer to apply for divorce?

There is no legal requirement to involve a lawyer in your divorce application, but you are of course free to do so if you wish. Rose Lawyers offer a free initial phone consultation, so you’ll already have our best advice before you decide which route to take.


What if the other person doesn't want to divorce?

Nobody can force you to stay married. The legal requirements are the same whether or not the separation is amicable - once you’ve been separated for 12 months, you can apply for divorce.


What if I’m not able to support myself?

As strange as it may sound, you don't have to live separately from your spouse to be separated. You are able to essentially live in a housemate style situation, even though you are still married on paper. This can seem like a tricky situation to understand, but we can easily explain it all in simple terms should you need clarification.