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We know the law can be complex, but we are not. Our legal experts make complicated decisions easy to understand.

Our team provides simple, honest advice so you can make the right decision. Whatever the details of your matter, we can save you time, money, and stress.

  1. Joseph Rose


    Joseph is a distinguished Notary Public who focusses on assisting clients with Wills, Matrimonial matters, Probate matters, and Business issues.

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    Joseph Rose
  2. Michelle Beere

    Lawyer & Senior Associate

    Michelle is a legal expert in Family Law, Criminal and Contractual matters, Adverse Possession, and much more.

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    Michelle Beere
  3. Ian Fieldhouse

    Family Lawyer

    Ian is an expert in all areas of Family Law. He can handle your matter with the care and sensitivity it needs.

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    Ian Fieldhouse
  4. Christopher Wilmot

    Probate Clerk and Litigation Assistant

    Christopher has a great deal of experience in wide range of legal areas. He uses his skills and experience to help our clients with Will and Estate matters and Civil Litigation.

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    Christopher Wilmot
  5. Janet West

    Conveyancing Manager

    With thirty-two years of professional experience, Janet is proficient across the conveyancing board.

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    Janet West
  6. Rowlina Cambra

    Legal Bookkeeper

    Rowlina is an essential part of the team at Rose Lawyers. She contributes a highly proficient level of service to both our clients and practice.

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    Rowlina Cambra
  7. Vikas Sood

    Conveyancing Consultant

    Vikas regularly deals in Property Law matters and is a valuable part of our conveyancing team who is always ready to assist clients.

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    Vikas Sood
  8. Alison Hall

    Legal Assistant

    Having been with Rose Lawyers for fourteen years, Alison is experienced in dealing with a broad range of legal topics.

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    Alison Hall
  9. Suzanne Scanlan

    Personal Assistant

    Suzanne has over 20 years experience in the legal industry. She is an essential part of the team and helps with a variety of tasks and duties.

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    Suzanne Scanlan
  10. Ayarnee O’Neill

    Wills and Probate Clerk

    Ayarnee has experience in a range of legal areas and uses her skills to help our clients with their Wills and Probate matters.

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    Ayarnee O’Neill
  11. Sue Orpwood


    Meet Sue Orpwood, our receptionist at Rose Law. Having worked in the legal industry for over 30 years, she is an essential part of the team and is eager to assist at any opportunity.

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    Sue Orpwood
  12. Lisa Li

    Conveyancing Consultant

    With over five years of professional experience, Lisa is proficient across the conveyancing board. Find our more here.

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    Lisa Li

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