Meet Janet, Our Conveyancing Manager

Janet is an essential part of the conveyancing team. With thirty-two years of conveyancing experience, Janet’s familiarity with Melbourne’s South Eastern and Eastern property market is second-to-none. Her experience also means that she is an expert in a wide range of conveyancing matters including residential, commercial and industrial transactions, subdivisions, and retirement villages.

“Your requisite needs for conveyancing are always best done by a professional. There are many potential pitfalls and unforeseen issues that may arise, and properly following the legal process for submitting the correct documentation is an absolute must to ensure that you are protected from any errors of consequence. It’s always my goal to reach the successful completion of all necessary procedures on your behalf.”

Whilst delivering a consistently high level of service, Janet is also devoted to meeting the challenges of getting everything ‘over the line’ in a caring and approachable manner.


Diploma of Financial Services (Conveyancing)

The Malka Group