Purchasing A Franchise?

Understand The Potential Risks & Benefits of Franchise Agreements.

The appeal of franchise ownership is strong: buy an established brand, with existing goodwill and a tested operating model, be your own boss, and reap the rewards.

Franchise agreements can include many promises of success, but there can also be hidden pitfalls and costly disappointments. But before you commit, talk to us about franchise agreements.
Rose Lawyers can:

  • Determine whether the franchise is suitable for you;
  • Assist with due diligence to determine the viability of the business;
  • Confirm that the franchisor has provided all the necessary information;
  • Review franchise agreements and disclosure documents;
  • Explain anything you do not understand; and
  • Assist with leases, licensing and other associated issues.

Before signing any franchise agreements, consult a lawyer without delay. Go in with your eyes open.