Breach of Contract?

Involved in a Breach of Contract?

Most people are naturally optimistic; we all want to trust the people that we do business with. But sometimes we must be prepared for the worst. A breach of contract can occur in many different ways, whether it’s a tradesperson who hasn’t done a job properly, a neighbour who reneges on an agreement to pay for a boundary tree to be removed or a business deal with a written contract that one of the parties has not fulfilled.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Circumstances outside your control may prevent you from meeting your obligations – or maybe someone is not meeting their obligations to you. Rose Lawyers will help you navigate your legal option and help you with:

  • Negotiation
  • Whether VCAT or court is more appropriate
  • Making a claim to the relevant court
  • Mediation and the court hearing, if necessary

There is almost always a solution, and we will help you find it. Whether that involves mediation, going to VCAT, or litigation, Rose Lawyers will look after your interests – no matter what side of the conflict you are on. We can help.