Purchasing a Business in Melbourne?

We’ll look before you leap

You’re purchasing a business, now you need the right legal advice to protect your investment.

Since 1977, Rose Lawyers have helped countless Melbourne clients achieve their dreams by guiding them through the process of purchasing a business. Our lawyers will help you consider all of the important questions, including:

  • Is the business making a profit?
  • Is there a lease with a suitable amount of time left on it?
  • Is the company being sold or just the business being conducted by the company?
  • Are you buying the intellectual property of the business, including trademarks, patents, websites and domain names, as well as the business itself?
  • What business structure will you use to run the business?

That experience means we can anticipate the risks ahead – because we’ve seen them all many times before. If you’re purchasing a business, c lawyers will answer all the tough questions in the most efficient manner possible. We can guide through the process of reviewing the contract and all other relevant documents. Our expertise means we’ll give you those answers quicker than our competition, saving you time and money.