Rose Litigation Lawyers Melbourne

Penned in by unavoidable litigation? We’ll fight in your corner.

How many lawyers would prioritise your interests ahead of maximising their own fees? At Rose Lawyers, we firmly believe in the former. That’s why our litigation lawyers Melbourne try to avoid it wherever possible.

The time and expense required to bring a matter to court often far outweighs the benefits to you. Instead, mediation and negotiation usually achieves an equitable resolution at a fraction of the expense, especially when it comes to commercial litigation.

However, there are situations when going to court cannot be avoided – and for 35+ years, Rose Lawyers have helped countless people who’ve been blindsided by unavoidable litigation, as well as people who need to initiate action. Our extensive experience means we can guide you through any criminal, civil or commercial litigation, no matter how complex the case.

Our highly skilled litigation lawyers Melbourne can represent you in each of the following jurisdictions:

  • Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
  • Supreme Court of Victoria
  • County Court of Victoria
  • Federal Circuit Court
  • Family Court
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

With particular expertise in Commercial litigation, we’ll identify risks and manage your expectations and understanding of the process. We know that time spent in commercial litigation is time you’d rather spend running you business, so we’ll represent your interests diligently, efficiently, and without judgement.

What does that mean for you? Extensive experience on your side. Minimal strain on your time and your money. And above all, the comfort of knowing your best interests are protected.

So call Rose today on 03 9878 5222 for a FREE phone consultation.