Transferring A Title?

You Want To Protect Your Assets. We Will Protect You.

Assets, business and family can be a volatile mix. We’ll help you navigate your options when considering a transfer of land.

Many of our clients who own businesses are eager to reduce their liability, protect their assets and minimise tax by transferring property to a company, trust, or family member. Some wish to gift property to a family member, or protect their children’s inheritance. With the best of intentions, they are ready to give away their most valuable assets. But not always to the most appropriate person or in a way that will achieve their desired outcome.

Rose Lawyers have been managing transfer of land and property matters for more than 35 years. We will enable you to make the best decision possible by identifying risks and asking the tough questions:

  • What if your son develops a gambling habit after the transfer of land?
  • What if your gift generates a capital gains tax that you are unable to pay?
  • What if your second husband sells your property following your death, leaving nothing to your heirs?
  • What if you transfer the title of your property to your daughter, and then she gets divorced?

These are difficult, delicate issues.

Let Rose Lawyers help navigate the process and achieve the best outcome possible.