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Rose Lawyers & Conveyancers Blooms Into A New Look

Introducing the new era of ‘legal caring’ for Melbourne residents

The launch of the new brand design and visual language represents the brand’s commitment to, legal caring for the community with a progressive approach. The outlook is unwavering in providing legal services; fighting fair, remaining transparent and to always offer a human understanding throughout the most challenging times.

The firm’s new iconography centres around the blooming of a rose; providing both literal and metaphoric interpretations of the firm’s historical values, processes, legacy and today’s positive and modern evolution.

rose stem meaningsThe Synergies of Soft and Shielded

While paying respect to the historical significance of the Rose Lawyers brand, which has been serving the Melbourne community for over the 30 years, the soft yet resilient petals of the rose remain shielded by a strong long stem adorned with protective thorns. The juxtaposing of the soft and protective elements symbolise the team’s approach to representing you – a synergy of delicate legal caring, stern professional defence and solid foundations from which to achieve your desired outcomes.

Unlike other legal firms, we don’t look or talk like solicitors, unless we’re in court, representing you. As such, we made sure our approachable softer brand design removes the intimidating stereotypes of legal firms – encouraging openness, honesty and a delicate understanding of each client’s unique circumstances.

Welcoming the Brand Identity and Visual Language – A Word from our Principal

 At Rose Lawyers and Conveyancers, the best outcome for you is the best outcome for us.

While our clients have always been our first priority, we are so excited to welcome a new era of legal caring.

Our teamwork with you to join the dots and simplify the process. We place the utmost importance on keeping our clients informed and out of the dark at all stages of the legal process. What’s more, we fight to provide you with the least invasive, cost-effective solution for your circumstances – meaning we won’t go to court if we don’t have to.

“In rebranding, we hope to strengthen the historical foundations of the firm by upholding our quality of work and maintaining positive client outcomes. We are forward-thinking, innovative and compassionate in our approach, and are committed to delivering exceptional service as part of adopting our new visual identity.” – Phillip Gallo, Principal, Rose Lawyers.

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Welcome to Rose Lawyers | Legal Caring