Supporting tomorrow's legal professionals

At Rose lawyers, we know our future depends on people like you. That's because those who strive for excellence in their studies often go on to achieve great things in law. And it's that kind of passionate person we love to encourage. To help nurture. And to support through their studies.

So every year, we offer a $2,000 scholarship to law students. The scholarship, awarded for initiative and forward-thinking, helps students afford the tools they need to excel.

We want to recognise excellence in legal studies. And to reward students for hard work and willingness to engage in debate with the legal sector.

So we provide a selected student with $2,000 to help cover course costs. It can also be used to purchase relevant textbooks, research materials and technical equipment.

On completion of their studies, students recognised under the Rose Lawyers Scholarship Program may also be considered for an internship with us - or even full-time employment.

The Rose Lawyers Scholarship Program provides $2,000 for a selected student each year.

  1. How is the scholarship recipient chosen?

    All submissions entered will be reviewed by the leadership team at Rose Lawyers. Selected entries will then be shortlisted before a recipient is chosen based upon our selection criteria.

    Applicants should demonstrate:

    • Knowledge of legal fundamentals
    • Ability to be innovative and forward-thinking
    • Capacity to argue in a compelling fashion
    • Strong research skills
    • Succinct presentation of information

    The entry that best demonstrates the above will be deemed the winner and will be awarded the scholarship funds.

To enter, answer the following brief

Entries should be no more than 500 words in length and need to be received by December 31, 2019. Entrants must satisfy the above criteria.

Brief question:

What effect will emerging digital technology have on laws of the future?

How you answer the question is up to you. We do favour inventive or outside-the-box thinking - so present a novel, compelling, well-researched argument.

Good luck!

Note: IP is treated as confidential for the purposes of the selection process only and remains property of the creator.

How to apply

To apply, fill out the application form with your answer to the question above.

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