Don’t Have A Will?

Put Your Affairs In Order And Your Mind At Ease.

Having a simple will means that you get to decide how your property will be distributed and under what conditions. It allows you to dictate specific arrangements, such as who you would like to look after your children, or what you would like done with your body. Many of these arrangements require advance planning and organisation before they can be carried out. Having a will ensures that everything is in place.

Some of your choices may be upsetting to your loved ones. For example, if you intend to leave a significant portion of your Estate to a charity or a non-family member, it is important to discuss your plans in advance. If you don’t, not only are there likely to be hurt feelings, anger and resentment aimed at innocent parties, but you may increase the likelihood of your will being contested.

Rose Lawyers will guide you through every step of the process with wise and patient counsel and ensure that your matters are handled according to your wishes.