Why Choose A Testamentary Trust Will?

Protect Both Your Assets And Your Beneficiaries.

Similar to a standard Trust, a Testamentary Trust Will offers an excellent way to both protect your assets and reduce the tax paid by your beneficiaries.

When your will creates a trust, the trust becomes an entity unto itself, and cannot be accessed by creditors, or divorcing partners, or even, potentially, your beneficiaries. Income earned by the trust is distributed according to your instructions and the beneficiaries pay tax on that income – but not on the value of the trust itself, which remains isolated and intact. By splitting the income among a number of beneficiaries, the total tax paid is further reduced. And, because your beneficiaries have not inherited or taken ownership of your assets, you preserve their eligibility for financial benefits and assistance, where appropriate.

In this way, a Testamentary Trust Will may go on and on, providing not only for your direct beneficiaries but also for future generations.

To find out whether a Testamentary Trust Will is right for you, call us. Rose Lawyers will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.