Power Of Attorney

Who Will Make Decisions For You, If You Can’t?

What would happen if you were suddenly unable to make decisions on your own behalf? What would happen to your assets? Your medical care? Your living situation?

Don’t wait for a crisis – address these issues now. Make the right decisions – your own decisions – while you are in a position to do so. And spare your loved ones undue stress and expense at a time when they are least equipped to handle it.

By granting Power of Attorney – Financial, Medical, or Guardianship – no one will be left wondering or worrying.

Financial Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney authorizes the person you choose to make financial decisions on your behalf, from day-to-day banking to selling your home. When this transfer of power begins depends on any conditions you place on the arrangement – for example, it could be ‘once I am senile” or “once I turn 75”. The terms of the authority work best when they are unconditional, so choose someone you trust unconditionally.

Medical Power of Attorney

What would happen if you were in an accident while overseas? Or were suddenly so unwell that you were unable to make your own choices about your treatment? Being next of kin may grant your spouse, parent or sibling consideration when doctors are weighing their options, but it does not give them authority to issue instructions. Medical Power of Attorney does just that.

Guardianship Power of Attorney

What if you had a stroke that left you incapacitated? Or developed Alzheimers? Someone would need to take charge of every aspect of your life. Who would it be? If you haven’t already nominated someone, it might wind up being the wrong person. By granting Guardianship Power of Attorney, you will minimize potential for misinterpretation of your wishes, and stress or disagreement among your loved ones.